20 Fab Gift Ideas For New Babies


Do you have friends or family who have just had a scrummy newborn baby and you are looking for a gift for the baby to welcome them into the world. Then look no further there are lots of wonderful gifts you can choose from to take along when you first meet the new baby.

You may want to choose a practical gift such as clothes, muslins, nappies, baby toiletries that will always be appreciated and come in handy. There are some beautiful outfits for babies and you can maybe choose something that will fit a few months down the line as although a baby can never have too many clothes the parents may be prepared with plenty of sleepsuits and vests for the newborn stage they are more likely to appreciate some sleepsuits or an outfit for maybe 3-6 months or even 6-9 months. The only thing to be careful of is to make sure that the outfit is suitable for the season it will be when they are at a particular age you don’t want to buy them a cosy warm snowsuit that is going to fit them in the summer months! You can get some lovely muslin squares with stunning patterns on for baby to look at and they come in so handy for the mopping up of all sorts of things and to lay baby on or wrap them in. They are a newborn essential and you can never have too many.

Nappies obviously aren’t the greatest of gifts to receive, although you can’t deny that they will bound to be used and help with the cost of a baby. So maybe get a pack to go along with another gift as an added extra is a good idea as maybe thought of as a bit strange to turn up with just a pack of nappies! A really lovely idea for a new baby gift is a nappy cake. So you are giving nappies as well as some other new baby essentials such as a blanket, socks, bibs, maybe a cuddly toy and you can add as many extras even a bottle of champagne or some chocolates for Mum and Dad can be hidden in the middle. Depending on your budget you can add as much to the nappy cake as you want and can go for a blue or pink theme or a neutral one maybe in whites and greys or yellows and green. You can make your own if you are feeling crafty or buy one ready made up.

Another good idea is a new baby hamper similar sort of idea to the nappy cake you can fill a basket with some lovely bits for baby and a few treats for Mum too. You can work around your budget and put in things like a blanket, baby socks, bibs, muslin squares, teething rings, rattles, bubble bath etc. A new Mum is sure to be delighted with this idea.

You could buy a special blanket for the baby even have it personalised with babies name, date and time of birth as a special extra to make it a bit different to all the others. Not only will it look great on the pram or in the crib it will keep baby toasty and warm too. Personalised gifts are a big hit and you can also get a personalised bath robe or baby towel, baby vests, mittens etc.

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