Lego makes a fantastic gift and the age range that you can buy Lego for covers a large range from Duplo suitable from 18 months right up to the most complicated sets that can keep adults entertained too.

Duplo Lego is great for initiating your little one’s interest in building and is perfect for helping develop their fine motor skills and their imaginations. You can get Duplo train sets, farms, princess castles and airports. Why not choose a box of different coloured bricks that can be used to make towers or houses or wherever takes your child’s imagination takes them. Lego is always a great gift as you can never have too many bricks and although it is nice to follow instructions to get a finished product at this age it is also lovely to let the child discover different shapes. The colours are bright and attractive to young children too.

As the child gets older there is Junior Lego to follow on from the Duplo sets and they are suitable for children aged from 4-7 years. The pieces are smaller and the sets a little more complicated than the Duplo. You can get sets that are certain themes such as Disney Cars or Superheroes or Frozen or sets like diggers or trucks for example. Your youngsters are bound to enjoy making these lovely sets and spending time playing with them along with family and friends or on their own especially as they get older they will become more confident building and following instructions independently.

When the child gets even older you can get endless Lego sets of all different themes. Star wars is an ever-popular choice and Super Heroes such as Lego Batman sets are fantastic. Lego City is great for ages 7-11. Sets such as Fire stations, rubbish trucks and Aeroplanes are great to fuel their imaginations. There are Lego friends and Lego Elves which are targeted at girls with pinks and purples, but not exclusively for girls. Children may be interested in certain themed Lego such as Ninjago or Nexo Knights as they get older and may like to collect the sets. There are plenty to choose from and prices vary to suit all budgets so whether you are buying for a friend your niece or nephew or your own child there will be a set suitable.

The great thing about Lego as a gift is that there are sets for varying price scales so you can get small sets for as little as £5 ideal as a gift for a child to take to a school friends party as a gift, and much larger sets such as the Millennium Falcon for over £100 which would make the main present for a Lego fan for Christmas or their birthday.

So, in conclusion, Lego makes a fantastic gift for many ages over the years and even though on the box it may say up to age 14 some adults would love to build these models especially Star Wars fans will love the extensive range of Star Wars Lego and connect with their inner child. Lego makes a great gift for boys and girls, young and old.

Lego City 60201 Advent Calendar


Celebrate the holidays with the LEGO City Advent Calendar! Ring in the holiday season with the fun 60201 LEGO® City Advent Calendar. There are 24 different buildable presents, one for each day of the holiday season, including a space shuttle, race car, drone, robot, Christmas tree, monster truck and much more. This LEGO City set […]

Lego City 60218 Desert Rally Racer


Race through the desert behind the wheel of the awesome Desert Rally Racer! Head for the finish line in the fast LEGO® City 60218 Desert Rally Racer! This powerful race car toy features an opening roof, large front air intake and a huge, adjustable rear spoiler. This fun building toy includes a race car driver […]

Lego Classic 10692 Classic Creative Bricks


Get creative with classic LEGO® bricks in 29 different colors! Dig into this selection of LEGO® bricks and let your imagination run away with you! The building possibilities are endless, with classic bricks in 29 different colors and special pieces including doors, windows, wheels, eyes and propellers. And if you don’t know where to start, […]

Lego Classic 10698 Classic Large Creative Brick Box


Create all kinds of buildings with LEGO® bricks, windows and doors! Build up a storm with this big box of classic LEGO® bricks in 33 different colors. With lots of different windows and doors, along with other special pieces to inspire you, you can really run with your imagination. With some ideas to get you […]

Lego Classic 10713 Creative Suitcase


Bring along a world of creativity in your own LEGO® Creative Suitcase! Organise and store your LEGO® bricks organized with this smart and robust LEGO Classic 10713 Creative Suitcase. Open the yellow case to access the brightly coloured building bricks, and then have fun creating cute creatures, cool cars, cosy houses and whatever else you […]

Lego Creator 17101 Boost Creative Toolbox

£189.99 £164.99

Bring your LEGO® creations to life! Bring your LEGO® creations to life and learn to code with the amazing LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox, your fun way of interacting with LEGO bricks. Choose one of the 5 models, open the app to find the building instructions, then build, customise and code it to complete lots of […]

Lego Disney Princess 41159 Cinderella’S Carriage Ride


Help your youngster relive the Disney magic with Cinderella’s Carriage Ride! Let your child recreate magical moments from Disney’s Cinderella movie with LEGO® Disney 41159 Cinderella’s Carriage Ride. This LEGO 4+ Cinderella horse and carriage toy building set is specially designed to be fun and easy for preschoolers and youngsters, with animal figures for role-play […]

Lego Disney Princess 41160 Ariel’S Seaside Castle


Help your child create endless adventures at Ariel’s Seaside Castle! Let your child recreate magical moments from Disney’s The Little Mermaid movie with LEGO® Disney 41160 Ariel’s Seaside Castle. This LEGO 4+ The Little Mermaid toy building set is specially designed to be fun and easy for preschoolers and youngsters, with a fun slide, doghouse […]

Lego Friends 41352 The Big Race Day


Stage an epic go-kart race around Heartlake City! LEGO® Friends 41352 The Big Race Day sets the scene for an exciting go-kart race between the friends from Heartlake City. The main race building features a downstairs changing room with lockers and a restroom, while upstairs there’s a winner’s podium and VIP lounge for all the […]

Lego Friends 41353 Advent Calendar


Build surprises every day in December with the LEGO Friends Advent Calendar! Count down to the holidays with the 41353 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar! Build a decoration for your Christmas tree or house every day, and celebrate Christmas the LEGO Friends way! There are lots of festive things to create, including decorations to represent each […]

Lego Friends 41361 Mia’S Foal Stable


Help LEGO® Friends Mia care for her foals at the toy horse stables! Help LEGO® Friends Mia care for her foals and the bunny down at the stables. Lead Dolly and Fame to the paddock so they can stretch their legs. Back at the stables, give them an apple or carrot while you brush and […]

LEGO Friends Heartlake Gift Delivery


Have lots of construction fun with the LEGO Friends Heartlake Gift Delivery! Stephanie loves delivering presents, but she needs your help! Help her check the order and select the correct gift to send – is it a balloon, flowers or a special party invitation? Put the gift inside the gift box and load it into […]

LEGO Gadgets


Make, experiment, and play! This activity kit will have you building 11 machines including a gravity powered car and a wacky boxing robot. The fun doesn’t stop once you’ve completed all of the projects in the book – open-ended prompts will inspire you to continue experimenting with your own designs and modifications. Brand: Klutz Game: […]

Lego Harry Potter 75951 Grindelwald&Acute;S Escape


Stop Grindelwald making a flying escape in his carriage! Wands at the ready! Prepare for a magical LEGO® Fantastic Beasts™ 75951 Grindelwald’s Escape battle and help Seraphina Picquery™ stop the evil Grindelwald from escaping in the flying carriage drawn by a Thestral. Summon your most powerful magic before the Dark wizard conjures his own dark […]

Lego Mindstorms 31313 Ev3 Robot


Create and command robots that do what you want with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3! Unleash the creative powers of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3! Build TRACK3R, R3PTAR, SPIK3R, EV3RSTORM and GRIPP3R faster than ever before with the amazing free EV3 Programmer App on your tablet. Then use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to program your favourite robots to walk, […]

Lego Star Wars 75187 Bb-8


Build a cute LEGO brick version of BB-8, featuring a wheel-activated rotating head and opening hatch with non-functioning welding torch, plus a display stand, fact plaque and small BB-8 figure. This faithfully reproduced LEGO Star Wars incarnation of the diminutive BB-8 droid from the new Star Wars movie trilogy makes the perfect gift for any […]

Lego Star Wars 75211 Imperial Tie Fighter


Play out Han Solo movie adventures with the LEGO® Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter, featuring sturdy wings, 2 spring-loaded shooters and opening minifigure cockpit with access hatch. Engage the enemy with the LEGO Star Wars 75211 Imperial TIE Fighter! This brick-built version of the Galactic Empire’s iconic attack craft has a highly detailed design, including […]

Lego Super Heroes 76134 Spider-Man: Doc Ock Diamond Heist


Give your child their first Spider-Man flying adventure! Fly to the dock with Spider-Man to stop Doc Ock’s getaway! The evil Doc has grabbed a container with a gem and money inside from the crane with his speedboat’s mechanical arms. Chase the speedboat with Spider-Man’s speedy flyer. Fire the disc shooters and shoot a spider […]

The Lego Movie 2 10895 Emmet And Lucy’S Visitors From The Duplo&Reg; Planet


Help your toddler defend against the alien invaders with Emmet and Lucy! Introduce your toddler to the color and creativity of THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ with this LEGO DUPLO® 10895 Emmet and Lucy’s Visitors from the DUPLO Planet preschool toy. Little fans of Emmet and Lucy will love helping them defend against the easy-to-build alien […]

The Lego Movie 2 70821 Emmet And Benny’S &Lsquo;Build And Fix’ Workshop!


Let your child build, fix and fly Benny’s Spaceship! Get ready to fly in space with THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ Emmet and Benny’s ‘Build and Fix’ Workshop! Use the tools to fix Benny’s Spaceship and Emmet’s Escape Buggy. Pump gas into the vehicles and launch. And when you discover new planets, go exploring with the […]