Adopt a Big Cat


Calling all feline fans – get your claws into our Adopt A Tiger or Big Cat packs! We think these have got to be the purrfect gift for anyone hoping to help protect these magnificent mammals. With each adoption box you’ll be supporting PTES (the People’s Trust for Endangered Species) as they work tirelessly to […]

Adopt It – Adopt a Big Cat


Adopt an endangered species of big cat for 12 months. Five species of big cat to choose from.Decide which species to adopt and then register the gift by following the simple instructions – online or by post. A personalised supporter certificate, a big cat photograph and a Wildlife Encounter discount voucher will follow in the […]

Cat Wisdom : 60 Great Lessons You Can Learn from a Cat


Many a domestic cat leads a good life Pampered well-fed and often the centre of much attention the cat is skilful in getting its own way In this fascinating and fun book you can discover many of the cats’ secrets which you too can use to great effectDiscover how tomake the most of chancescreate a […]

Cat Wisdom: 60 Great Lessons You Can Learn From a Cat


Many a domestic cat leads a good life. Pampered, well-fed and often the centre of much attention, the cat is skilful in getting its own way.In this fascinating and fun book, you can discover many of the cats` secrets, which you too can use to great effect.Discover how to…make the most of chancescreate a good […]

Click and Heat Hand Warmers – Cat


These adorable knitted Cat design hand warmers will have your hands warm in no time. Each knitted hand warmer contains a reusable click gel heat pack.To heat simply hold the metal chip inside the hand warmer between your thumb and forefinger and bend gently until it clicks. The solution will crystalize and release heat. Massaging […]

Gold Travel Mug Cat


This travel latte mug is decorated in metallic gold and black transfers. The ideal gift for your busy and on the go girlfriend who loves cats!

Here Comes Santa Cat


Christmas is coming, and Cat has a hunch he`s not on Santa`s “nice” list. Which means? No presents for Cat. So he tries to be good, but Cat and tree-decorating don`t exactly mix, and children, it seems, aren`t wild for his brand of gift-giving. Still, this holiday, Cat might surprise even himself with his generosity […]

How it Works: The Cat


THE PERFECT GIFT for those who value elegance affection cold hearted killing and expensive clawed to death furniture ‘A pet can be great funCats are warm and fluffy like cuddly toys and their owners give them lots of time and affection And just like cuddly toys they do very little in return”Over thousands of years […]

How to Be a Cat


From the creative duo behind the bestselling Me Without You and Happiness Is comes How to Be a Cat a lighthearted illustrated guide to living life as a feline Distinctive artwork and quirky captions confirm what we already know cats actually rule the household Ranging from simple truisms (“Look cute enough to attract cuddles”) to […]

Kid’s Wall Clock, 15″ Pink Cat


Children will love this adorable pink kitty cat clock on their wall with MOVABLE eyes, just wave the bottom knob and watch the eyes move from side to side. Easily tell time in the cutest way with this pink and yellow adorable kawaii wall clock, with two eyes and mouth enclosed in glass for long-lasting […]

Mayhem Mobile Phone Ring Rose Gold Glitter Cat


The Mayhem mobile phone ring is a multi-functional, 360-degree rotating ring, here to make your life easier. Use it to prop up your phone or tablet, or wear it as a ring so you always have a secure grip on your device. Take one-handed selfies, videos and calls with your friends. Even follow a […]

Metal piggy bank, kitten cat


Hand Crafted with recycled metal. Creative Sculpture of Piggy Bank in cat Shape. Fully functional can be used to deposit coins. Unique for gifts and collections. Dimensions H 9.5 x W 5 x D 4. The item is coated and will never rust or tarnish.