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The Messerschmitt was the most redesigned and tested German fighter plane during the WW2 period with over 34,000 built! It was designed specifically to take part in a Luftwaffe competition to select a new fighter aircraft as Germany rearmed in contravention of the treaty of Versailles. The Vintage Model Company have created this authentic representation of the enemy engine for all modelling fans, but especially for the generation who lived through the turbulent times of 1939-1945. Would make a perfect gift for him, for grandpa or any crafty dad. Features and Benefits: Messerschmitt ME-109 design. Rubber powered, free flight model plane. Your kit includes: – Three balsa sheets with precise laser cut parts and strip wood. – PVA glue for building the wooden frames. – One 150mm diameter plastic propeller. – One pre-bent motor hook and shaft. – Three low friction plastic nose bushings – one for the propeller and two for the undercarriage wheels. – One vacuum formed canopy and spinner. – Piano wire for the main undercarriage and tail wheel legs. – One motor peg (cocktail stick or toothpick). – Rubber motor strip. – Tissue to cover the model. – Parts reference sheet (W), full size summary plan sheet (X), scheme diagram sheet (Y) and scheme markings (Z) printed on lightweight paper. Other model plane kits available from The Vintage Model Company. Also makes a great gift idea for older children wanting to improve their concentration skills.


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