Pusheen Christmas Sweater Cat


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Christmas Sweater Cat Bring Pusheen into your life for the Christmas season! This adorable little take on Pusheen is complete with a cute little Christmas jumper, perfect as a Christmas or birthday present this year! She is suitable for young and old alike, she is that adorable! This particular take on Pusheen is absolutely brilliant. Her grumpy little eyes and brow bring an instant smile to your face, and the jumper she is wearing is as Christmassy as it is brilliant! Three green fir trees decorate the front of the red jumper, which does not hide her plump frame very well. Whether she is helping you work or just jumping on the couch with you to snuggle, this gift is simply perfect. Pusheen is perfect for Christmas this year, bringing an instant smile to your face as you can imagine her innate grumpiness at being forced to wear such outrageous clothing!


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