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Retirement – Spoof Newspaper – Gift Details. It’s been a long time coming. But after years of hard graft, it’s finally time for them to call it a day and retire. The knock-on effect is predictably cataclysmic for the economic world, with the Mirror reporting on events. It’s truly the end of an era. You can personalise every detail of the newspaper from the headline to any location. This makes the feature as realistic as possible. But, to make the spoof truly believable, why not upload an image of the individual themselves?. One simple click of the Upload a photo button will take you to your pictures. Or, click the Choose a photo from Facebook button to access your Facebook photos. Personalise the spoof newspaper with the recipient’s First Name and Surname of up to 28 characters over 2 lines, with 14 characters per line. Include the Company Name and place the recipient Lives In of up to 60 characters over 2 lines, with 30 characters per line. Add the Age of the recipient of up to 3 characters over 1 line and the Number of Years Employed of up to 2 characters over 1 line. Finish off the gift with a picture of the recipient using the image uploader. These spoof newspapers are 36 x 28cm (L x W), which is approximately the size of a tabloid. Once you’ve added your personalisation and chosen your picture, click the next button to pick from several presentation options, including framing your spoof, presentation cases and more. Presentation Options.

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